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Operating Facilities

Our Operating facilities have Gaseous anaesthesia machines to ensure the safety of your small pet.

Ultra Sound Scanning

We provide Ultra Sound Scanning to test for pregnancy and abdominal conditions.

Hospital Facilities

Hospitalisation facilities for very sick and pets recovering from major surgeries.


State of the art digital x-ray  allows rapid high quality results and computerised storage. X-rays can be sent electronically for referral opinion with no delays.

Lab Facilities

Lab facilities for blood testing your pet, full biochemistry and haematology also facilities to examine skin scrapes and blood smears.


Grooming  clears dog’s skin and give them a healthy coat. We can spot skin conditions or abnormalities and refer your pet for treatment. Grooming also reduces shedding and socialises your dog. 

Royal Canine Products

Royal Canin has revealed fundamental physiological and morphological differences among dogs of different sizes, based on the observation of the canine species conducted by its veterinarian-nutritionists and network of partners breeders for over 30 years.
Royal Canin have produced a range of prescription foods for dogs.

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