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Weight Management – Dogs

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Is my dog the right weight?”
All dogs have an ideal weight, depending on their size and breed.

Most animals that gain weight are overfed, which results in an intake of too many calories combined with insufficient physical activity. However, some dog breeds are more prone to weight gain such as labrador retrievers and cavalier king charles.

Have you noticed any of the following signs in your pet?
It has become more difficult to feel your pet’s ribs by running your hand along your pet’s side?
Have you had to loosen their collar recently?
Have you noticed more sluggish movement from your pet?
Is your pet having difficulty breathing?
If you make an appointment for a nursing weight clinic, we can discuss your dog’s weight and go through their history. If there is any indication that there may be an underlying medical condition causing your dog to gain weight, we would be happy to carry out the appropriate laboratory tests and investigate your pet’s health further with one of our vets..

Equally if you have noticed that your pet has lost weight, this may be a sign of an underlying disease that needs further investigation.

As your dog gets older, their metabolism changes and activity levels may also reduce so it is important to be aware of any weight increase or loss.

If we find that your dog is overweight, there are many options to us – from cutting back on the amount you are feeding your pet to beginning a diet food that we can prescribe. It may even be as simple as changing any treats you give to healthier versions.

We offer regular weight checks and are always happy to advise you on any health issues for your dog.

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